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I have been hearing a lot about Agloco nowadays. What is it?

AGLOCO is a simple toolbar. They call it Viewbar. It is a small toolbar that rests on the bottom of your screen while you surf the Internet. The Viewbar keeps track of your online interests and preferences, and uses that information to deliver the most valuable message to you at the right time. It also has a search engine and a IM program. Here is what it looks like. Mouse over for more information.

The Viewbar is currently slated for release in April.

They say that Agloco will pay me for surfing,why would they pay me for that?

Everyone knows google today, we make all our searches with it. Do you know how much they are making a year? Their endorsement was 10.6 billion usd in 2006. 3.5 billion of the amount was net profit which occured because you google for your searches. The ads are 99% of the company's income. Do you get anything from this amount? Google paid 1.6 billion usd to Youtube. You uploaded your videos, 3 guys took the 1,6 billion. Is it fair? It is the members that make these sites and services valuable.

AGLOCO is a smart software designed to share their profit with their users: You. They will share 90% of their profit with agloco participants.

Hmm... Sounds nice. How much money can I make?

You became a member to AGLOCO, you downloaded and installed the viewbar. You are surfing online at least 5 hours amonth. In these conditions the company will earn approximately 12.5 usd, they will give 5 dollars to you, 6.25 usds to your 5 level referrers. The company will keep 1.25 usd from the total. Here most important pre-condition for you is to make your referral network. You'll get money from up to 5 levels below you.

As an example: You refered 10 friends to AGLOCO. Your friends did not work as hard as you and made just 3 new members each. And let's assume that, the new members made 3 members each also. As you are getting money from the members up to 5 levels below you, your monthly income will be approximately 1517.5 usd. You can calculate how much you can make monthly for different scenarios with the member calculator at AGLOCO's web site.

How do I get my Money?

The money you earned will be transferred into your bank account. If you wish you can get it by check or Paypal.

Will I be asked for a fee when I become a member or when I download the software? Is this an illegal pyramid scheme?

Membership is completely free. Pyramid schemes work on the basis of passing the new member's entrance fee to older members. In AGLOCO, you will get your share from the internet profits. The only relevance between two is, the first members, who makes a good referral network, will get more of the share .

Google has made enough money. Even if it's not that much, you can start making money right now by owning the internet by AGLOCO.

Seems worth giving a try, nothing to lose but we can make nice amounts if all goes well. How will I start?

You can directly go to sigin page of AGLOCO by clicking here. Fill the form and join the economic network.

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